Therapeutic Art/Creativity Coaching

When my father passed away 6 years ago, I had no idea where to put the pain and grief. I had never experienced such sadness and loss. Despite having no artistic training and not even thinking I was a creative type, I turned to art journaling. Slowly, over time I found that I was pouring my sadness onto the page, allowing a little room in my body to breath and start to come to terms a bit with this loss. Four years later, a young girl in my grade 8 class lost her father. I again turned to art – engaging the class and allowing them to create every day. Not only did I see her start to find space for her grief, I saw powerful connections form within the class. This led me to begin training as a Therapeutic Arts Coach and a Creativity Coach. I could not ignore the power of art.

Therapeutic Art/Creativity Coaching helps us move from where we are, to where we want to be. It helps us get unstuck and move past limiting beliefs. Most of us spend far too much time in our left hemisphere, overanalyzing decisions or becoming frozen by our fears. Art moves us from the left brain into our right brain, moving from language and analyzing, to feeling and receiving profound insights. Art can also help us move from our fight/flight and freeze response, into our emotional centre and then into our thinking brain, to help make dreams into realities.

My gentle, but no nonsense approach has proven to be very successful with so many clients. Together we will paint/create your goals and dreams into your new reality. Be ready to feel empowered and make those life changes!

Therapeutic Art Coaching

While both coaching methods use art as a means of helping you explore themes and limiting beliefs, Therapeutic Art goes a bit deeper and targets specific concerns you might have.  Perhaps you believe you will never get your dream job because of negative experiences in past jobs, or maybe you have past hurts that you need to release.  While this is not the same as Art Therapy, and we do not deal with past traumas, Therapeutic Arts is very helpful for most people.  It is recommended that clients sign up for six class bundle, but even one class can often bring those ah-ha moments!


Creativity Coaching

We are born creative beings, but as we grow we often become less creative. Schools focus on curriculum and often the arts and creativity are put on the back shelf.  Yet, we know that successful companies rely on creativity. We know that people who are happiest and most fulfilled often credit this to the ability to be creative.  Art has the same impact on our brain as mediation and allows for powerful insights.  This coaching program can be booked as a single session or multiple sessions.

“I loved my sessions with Shelley.  They were the high point of me week, and each session revealed another layer as to what has been holding me back.  Since completing our coaching, I have not only gotten a promotion at work, but have decided to start a side business, doing what I love.” 

AJ – Calabogie, ON