Hello, I’m Shelley Holloway

For many years I owned a school for children with learning disabilities. During that time I began to see that the key for helping these kids heal from past hurts was to introduce them to art and play and being in nature. During COVID I began helping friends deal with mental health challenges using these same principles.  As a Therapeutic Art Practitioner, Play Practitioner and Trauma and Youth Counsellor I can help you or your child move from where you are to where you want to be.  

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Top Myths About Creativity


REALITY – We are all creative beings. We are born with the ability to create, but stop doing this as we age.  Art and creativity is about the process, not the end product.


REALITY – Tapping into our creative side makes us more productive. It allows us to be better problem solvers, it builds confidence and helps us set goals.


REALITY – Creativity helps us form connections with others, fostering stronger relationships. It helps us feel happier and more fulfilled. It lets us step out of the mindset of having to be perfect, and allows us to just have fun and play while healing.


Creativity Coaching for All Ages

1:1 Coaching for all ages – creativity coaching helps you identify themes and limiting beliefs, and allows you to live in possibility, so you can show up as your best, most fulfilled self.

In Person/Online Classes:

Vision Boards and Mandalas

This class will be offered in person in Prince Edward Island, as well as online – both begin in October.


Therapeutic Arts Life Coaching

This style of coaching goes more in-depth and offers different activities that help to uncover past beliefs that keep us from moving forward in relationships, careers or self-fulfillment.

Some Words About me

For many years I worked in the field of special needs education.  I loved it.  I loved our little school and the people who were apart of it.  Six years ago a boy walked through our doors that changed my direction.  He had severe trauma and my interest shifted from teaching to trauma and mental health.  Through art, play and nature I have watched so many young people heal.  When I lost my father suddenly, those same things helped me.  Let me show you a different way of healing and moving forward. A way to connect with your authentic self by connecting with nature, art and our need to play.

My Work Place

In 2021 I left the hustle and bustle of Ottawa, Canada and moved to beautiful farm house in Prince Edward Island.  Surrounded by the ocean, rivers and beautiful forests, I made a life long dream come true.  I set and intention and just went for it.  I welcome clients/creatives to visit me once it is safe and regulations allow.


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